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Probate refers to the court proceeding required by law to formalize the transfer of property and assets belonging to the deceased person. Simply put, probate is the process required to change the title of property from the deceased person to the person entitled to receive that asset. We represent those who are entitled to receive such assets, who need help navigating the probate process.

Legal Representation


Unfortunately, the administration of an estate is a complicated process. That complexity coupled with the increased stress of the death of a loved one, can often lead to contention. Our firm represents personal representatives, trustees, or beneficiaries in disputes relating to wills, trusts, or estate matters. We have experience working for the judges inside the courtroom that gives us an insight into the factors that are considered in making decisions.

Legal Aid


Estate planning is the preparation of your financial affairs. The goal of an estate plan is to effectively and efficiently see that your assets will be distributed an managed according to your wishes and desires. We prepare all types of estate-planning documents, from the basic to the complex, including wills, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts, gun trusts, and private foundations.  We can collaborate with other attorneys in the preparation of estate-planning documents, and we can provide a second opinion as to the validity of estate-planning documents.

Power of Attorney
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